Lab Introduction:

   We focus on membrane dynamics and protein/vesicle traffickings within and between epithelial cells. Our specific research interests are to understand how these movements and cell-cell crosstalks affect (1) fertilization processes in mammals and (2) fibrosis progression in injured organs, and most importantly, how these processes are being regulated in vivo.  

    We apply both in vitro and in vivo study model systems and use multidisciplinary techniques including (1) 2D polarized and 3D cyst culture, (2) biochemical analyses, (3) animal models (mouse and pig models), (4) proteomics, (5) ex vivo organ culture and co-culture systems (6) advanced imaging systems (including live cell imaging, light-sheet microscopy, electron microscopy)  to address our research questions.



Our lab locates in the main campus of National Taiwan University in Taipei (Veterinary Medicine Bldg.1, Room 306-307,  School of Veterinary Medicine, No. 1, Sect. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei 10617, Taiwan)


Contact info.: (address to PS Jason Tsai)

+886 2 33661290 (office, lab)